the reviews are in

Cool. Very. In a National Lampoon kinda way.

As a member of the Boneless Children Foundation, I’m proud to have us listed alongside other such luminaries as E=MC Hammer, One Small Step for Landmines, and Sorry About Your Couch. And if we were a folky girl group starting out now we’d definitely consider “The Obama Daughters.” That is pretty great

Damn funny…. It’s good to finally find a blog that does not involve 5,000 word essays on “How to make a dill pickle (singular)” or “Why my cat is my best friend”. Keep up with your ‘advice column’ -that’s good stuff – I laughed pretty hard.

Good job – and funny! Thanks for the laugh.

I see a future for this parody with illustrations by that guy from the New Yorker!

Nobody reads newspapers anymore – you should have your own show on MSNBC right before Jim Kramer so we’re in a good mood (or at least laughing) before we listen to his latest rants.

I laughed aloud reading this!

Now this is some funny stuff!

Superb take on the vicarious nature of fans. Keep up the great writing.

I thought (your report on blogging camp) was GREAT.  I tend to love a sort of snarky tone, and you captured the feel of the event wonderfully.

Too funny, man! That is probably the best CLT WordCamp write-up anyone will write. I loved the “studying the participants like we were lowland gorillas” line. Classic!

I think your take on WordCamp was pretty funny. I especially like the section about the Observer staff lurking around the edges of the room, observing us 😉 Well done!

Content was described as “king”, “queen” and, ultimately, the “ten of
spades”. Greatest line ever.

You are a good writer.
I enjoyed your narrative of the day we had up at the CltWordCamp.
It had an edge and a feel like the Maltese Falcon.
You really should consider writing a book if you have not already started.
Also have you sent anything to the Observer asking them to publish it?

You are quite the witty, sharp (on several levels)writer.

You are a bitingly funny guy. I’m afraid I was one of those middle-aged skulkers around the walls at this event, but I truly enjoyed your take on it.

Love the blog. Keep up the great writing.

Great review Davis.

nice post – the injection of humor (some of which is quite on the nose) is great

I love it. It’s nice to hear how a “real person” viewed the event. Keep up the great writing. Consider me a “follower” and “fan”.

Thanks for leaving a note on my blog! I enjoyed reading your take on the day, it’s funny,
GREAT post! Very entertaining… and accurate, for the most part

3 Responses to “the reviews are in”

  1. theomnibox Says:

    I may have soiled myself…but why go on about my problems? Your writing demonstrates a remarkably deft touch with the sardonic, at least if my “Word A Day To An Empowered You” vocab. builder is to be believed.

  2. Doraz Says:

    You have a great take on life! Keep it going! Humor is the answer to a lot of things! Laugh often! 🙂 Thanks for commenting on my blog! Happy Friday!

  3. pvhc Says:

    I follow at least 30 blogs from local Milton-not-so-Keyne’s to informative; all good; discovered yours by searching for Northants carpet bowls!

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