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Exclusive! Kanye and Taylor collaborate on duet

September 21, 2009

Now that nobody cares any more, Kanye West and Taylor Swift have co-written a new song which they had planned to debut at last night’s Emmy Awards ceremony. The duo, who famously met when West interrupted Swift’s acceptance speech at last week’s MTV Video Music Awards, collaborated on “Wait a Minute … For Our Love.” The pair had been promised a spot to close the Emmy presentation if the show didn’t run long, but darn if it didn’t go three minutes over.

The blog has received an exclusive copy of the lyrics for the new song, perhaps the first-ever fusion of rap and country, and premieres them here. Try to imagine a thumping bass and a banjo in the background as you read.

Taylor Swift:

I’m tall and thin and pale as can be
I could beat you one-on-one, I’m virtually a tree
I like your style, you’re a little bit crude
And I think we’d all agree I need a bad-ass dude
Didn’t know you much when you came up on the stage
‘Cept you seemed to be carrying a bit too much rage
The maze in your hair would be hard to get through
But my fingers want to try, can I touch your ‘do?
The ventilated shades are as cool as can be
The only problem is they don’t allow you to see
I heard you didn’t care for former President Bush
Only hope you don’t mind that I haven’t got a tush
Beyonce wears short skirts
I wear t-shirts
She’s a fabulous dancer
Look like I’ve got cancer
I shimmy when I can
But it looks like seizures
My doctor says I better
Stay put in the bleachers
If you could see that I’m the one who understands you
Been here all along so why can’t you see?
Why were you a dong? Why were you wrong to me?

Kanye West

Wait a minute, wait a minute
Can’t be falling in love
Remember Bruno at the last show
Flying in from above?
I can feel it in my bones
I know they needed a stunt
But the rejected my idea
In which I called you a … Yo!
Check it out
I know I hit the Hennessey a little too hard
May have had a toke or two out back in the yard
But I’m not so high as to be playin’ the foo’
And get myself involved with a mantis like you
Said I’m sorry and I mean it
I really am sincere
Wouldn’t mind if you would “clean it”
But I’d need another beer
Girl would you like a toy?
Here’s a Barbie, here’s a yo-yo
Now go find yourself a boy
Won’t make much more money
Now the Kanye name is mud
Can I be your golddigger?
And charge to be your stud?
Can I get a what-what?
More likely need a why-why
Still can’t quite explain
I’m usually just a shy guy
Get down Kanye, get down, get down
Get yo’ ass off that stage and get it out of town
That Taylor may be swift but I ain’t into ofays
Now they’ll never ask me back to the VMAs

Taylor and Kanye together

We know you’re sick and tired of seeing our faces
(We’re) pretty poor representatives of our respective races
We both produce music that’s banal and trite
And now we’re on the news just about every night
Neither country nor rap are exactly high art
They’re the two leading genres that sell at Wal-Mart
One has no melody and the other’s all twang
Listenin’ to both is like being sentenced to hang
Now we’re about to head out
And leave America alone
Go talk about your health care
And your subprime loan
You’ll miss us when we’re gone
It’s as clear as black and white
This is Kanye, this is Taylor
Finally saying our good night