Some changes in the blog for 2011

The year 2011 brings a few changes to DavisW’s Blog:

–New posts will appear every weekday by 10 a.m. (I used to aim for 8 a.m., if anybody noticed). This will give you an extra two hours of quality humor-writing.

–Weekend “Revisited” posts (i.e., reruns) will appear whenever I damn well wake up and get some coffee, usually no later than noon.

–I’m no longer attempting to have a daily “theme”. Some days I’ll do an essay, some days I’ll do a “Fake News,” some days I’ll do an editorial. Who knows? — some days I might just publish a big grinning picture of myself. Call me Mr. Unpredictable.

–I may be writing as many as two new blogs in the new year. One that debuted January 1, titled “DavisOnTV” on WordPress, is a daily short piece about something I’ve seen on television that bugs me. Like that dancing robot on Fox football broadcasts (I hate that guy). The other, not yet finalized, would be on the subject of weight loss and will appear as part of the Charlotte Observer‘s “Pounding Away” feature. I’ll let you know more about that one if and when it starts.

–The dates on all posts will now end with the four-number year designation of “2011,” as opposed to the old “2010,” which I’ve become tired of.

2 Responses to “Some changes in the blog for 2011”

  1. particularcircumstances Says:

    You make me laugh pretty much every day. But I must say, my recent flu was not that much fun. I think abdominal surgery is too painful. I think you want to aim for temporary immobilation with no lasting effects.

  2. mantomarantina Says:


    it’s my first topic here
    i hope to be happy with you

    thank you

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