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Blue dog Democrat? Not exactly

Wally the Dog, who gained fame in Waxhaw, N.C., by running for mayor, has died.

His owner, Mike Holliday, said the dog-about-town collapsed earlier this week while out for a walk.

“He tripped a little and just laid down,” Holliday told a radio morning host who spearheaded the dog’s run for mayor in 2003. “My daughter who is 7 said, ‘I think he’s dying.’

“And then he just did.”

Holliday said he wasn’t sure of Wally’s age, but when he ran for mayor, he was listed as 5. So that would make his age about 13.

Wally was a mixed-breed dog who once escaped from a dog shelter and came into Holliday’s possession from a friend who couldn’t care for him any more. The dog drew the ire of some town officials by walking the streets, and the radio deejay, who lives in Waxhaw, decided to push the canine’s candidacy.

Supporters started selling T-shirts with the slogan: “Wally worries about Waxhaw’s future.”

He ran against Thomas Hall and Gary Underwood and, even though the Union County Board of Elections ruled he was ineligible, Wally managed to get three votes. Underwood won the election with 440, and Hall got 271 votes.

Holliday said that Wally didn’t seem to be in pain recently but clearly wasn’t feeling well.

Somebody actually buying peanut brittle

Deputies are investigating claims that a Fort Mill man is soliciting donations for sick children, but pocketing the cash.

A 20-year-old woman reported she started working for a man selling peanut brittle to help kids in need, according to a sheriff’s office report.

The man has business cards and “official T-shirts” for his employees to wear while selling the peanut brittle at various locations around the county.

The woman learned that the man is operating a scam. Instead of giving the money to charity, he was pocketing the money from the sales, the report states.

He was, however, letting his employees keep any donations they received from the scam, according to the report.

The woman said she stopped working for the man when she learned of the scam.

Deputies are investigating, and no one has been arrested.

Wing King loses equipment; chicken parts untouched

Thieves took cash registers and TVs from a Rock Hill restaurant during a break-in last weekend, police say.

Someone destroyed the door on the side of Wing King Cafe on Oakland Avenue sometime Sunday morning, according to a police report.

The unknown suspect took two cash registers, valued at $1,000 each, and two TVs from the bar and dining room areas of the restaurant. The burglar also rummaged through the kitchen, bar and storage areas.

The break-in happened between 12:30 and 9 a.m. Sunday. The alarm was set during that time, the owner told police.

No suspect information is available.

At least his pacemaker was left behind

A Rock Hill man was ordered to the ground at gunpoint during a robbery, police say, and was forced to give up his insulin pump.

The victim, 20, reported being robbed around 1:40 a.m. Wednesday on Riverview Road, according to a police report.

He said he was walking down the road when two men jumped out of a Ford Expedition and ordered him to the ground.

One of the men had a black shirt over his face and carried a silver gun.

The men stole his debit card, Reebok shoes and insulin pump.

The victim called police about 20 minutes after the incident because the robbers threatened to kill him if he called police, the report states.

Police were unable to locate the suspects.

Fake ID yields fake lemonade, arrest

A York teen told police he used a homemade ID to buy the alcohol that he and another teen were drinking before police found them in a Manchester Village parking area.

The boy, 17, and a Lake Wylie girl, 15, were both sitting in the front passenger seat of a Ford Mustang parked on Cinema Drive behind a vacant restaurant around 10:15 p.m. Monday, according to a police report. Police were patrolling the area because of recent vandalism and criminal activity.

When asked if he had anything illegal in the vehicle, the 17-year-old told police he only had some old beer cans in the backseat. The officer found a plastic bag with two empty Mike’s Hard Lemonade cans, and two alcohol-added energy drinks. One of those was half-full with condensation on the can. The other was unopened.

Both teens initially denied drinking the alcohol, but then took a test that registered alcohol in their systems. After registering .04 and .06 blood-alcohol levels, the teens admitted to drinking before pulling behind the building.

Both teens were charged with possession of beer under 21.

While searching the 17-year-old, officers found an identification card with a birth date old enough to purchase beer. He admitted to buying the alcohol himself using the fake ID he made, the report states.

He also faces a possession of fake/altered identification charge.

Governor visits, hugs local schoolchildren

Days after refusing federal education funding on the Tea Party principle that South Carolina children aren't yet stupid enough, S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley meets with schoolchildren in Rock Hill. Her "Hugs Not Funds" campaign emphasizes that embraces from Republican politicians are more valuable than federal monies.

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