News briefs from the great state of South Carolina

Trespassing on the Lord’s mini-golf

Six people were issued trespass warnings after deputies recently found them inside an abandoned castle and a dilapidated water tower on the Morningstar Ministries property.

The location is the former home of the Jim and Tammy Bakker PTL ministry.

Four were found inside the tower about 1 a.m. Saturday. The building is dilapidated and surrounded by barbed wire. “No trespassing” signs are also posted around the tower.

One of the suspects, a 25-year-old from Fort Mill, said they were “just looking around,” the report states.

In a separate incident, two homeless people — a 23-year-old man and 22-year-old woman — were found asleep about 3 a.m. Wednesday morning in the abandoned castle, which used to be part of a Christian-themed miniature golf course.

They were given a trespass warning and escorted to Charlotte, the report states.

Maybe she shouldn’t have called police after all

York Police are searching for three men who allegedly fired a gun at a woman in her home and fled.

About 9:30 p.m. Wednesday, a 46-year-old York woman and her two sons, 18 and 19, were in their Sunset Drive trailer when they heard a “hard knock” on the door, according to a police report. They initially thought it was the police because of how hard the knock was.

When the 19-year-old answered the door, three armed suspects wearing bandanas stood at the door and hit him in the head, the report states.

The suspects entered the home, according to the report. The mother stood up but was told that if she didn’t get back, they would shoot her. They fired the gun once before fleeing in an old blue Chevrolet.

The 19-year-old went to the office of the trailer community to report the incident to an employee, who said she heard the gun shot, the report states. The son was bleeding from the head. EMS arrived on scene and treated him, but no one else was injured or needed treatment.

After searching the home, officers located marijuana and charged the mother with simple possession.

Dance camp is locked down (…six, seven, eight)

Nation Ford High School was locked down briefly Monday morning.

Leanne Lordo, an assistant superintendent, said that “a custody issue led to a misunderstanding.” District officials originally said that the school was locked down as a safety precaution because of a bomb threat but now say there was no bomb threat, simply a misunderstanding.

“There was no bomb threat, no weapon,” Lordo said.

The lockdown order was lifted within 30 minutes.

The school is hosting dance camp for high school dancers and a cheerleading camp for children age four and up.

A dance camp student who asked not to be named called her mother from inside the school and said that she and other campers were together inside a classroom closet. Police officers were in the hallway nearby, she said.

Police and fire trucks were on the scene.

Forget the footlong, just give me the $5

Police are searching for a gunman who jumped over the counter at a Subway restaurant and stole money from the cash register and safe.

A clerk at the sandwich shop said an unknown man came into the restaurant, according to a police report. He pulled out a handgun, pointed it at the clerk, jumped over the counter and demanded money.

The suspect jumped back over the counter and attempted to leave through the front door but a customer entering the restaurant alarmed him. He fled through the back door instead, the report states.

No one was injured.

Laronzo Ashley, 24, was the customer who walked in after the robbery.

“I just saw somebody jump over the counter and then back over,” he said Wednesday. “That was it. I didn’t know what was going on. I just walked into it.”

Ashley didn’t see the gun.

Detective Bruce Haire said the surveillance footage is some of the best they’ve seen, and they are hopeful it will lead to some tips.

Police called out a K-9 unit Tuesday night and are still searching for the armed suspect.

Crow causes outage; snakes and squirrels get blame

More than 3,000 customers in the Manchester/Galleria area of Rock Hill were without power this morning because a crow got into the wiring, city officials say.

Traffic lights were out along Dave Lyle Boulevard, including at Interstate 77, impacting the morning commute. Power was restored around 7:30 a.m.

Last month, a snake caused power outages in the same area.

City spokeswoman Katie Quinn said it’s not unusual for the city to have occasional problems with snakes and squirrels.

Hopefully the temperature will not get too hot, she said.

Scootin’ ’round the local Walmart

Two York residents may be charged with vandalism after they allegedly rode scooters through a Lake Wylie store and then pulled the fire alarm when they were asked to leave Monday.

Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the Walmart on Highway 274 about 11 p.m. to help with a fire alarm call, according to a sheriff’s office report. The manager said the store had to be evacuated because of the alarm and said she had a good idea of the suspects after viewing surveillance footage.

The footage shows a 23-year-old woman and 23-year-man, both of York, riding motorized scooters through the store and running into a customer, the report states. After they leave, video shows the same people drive around outside to where a valve triggering the fire alarm is located, then drive away.

The store plans to press charges, citing a $500 service fee for the fire system, lost business and the 15 employees who lost an hour of time, the report states.

At least bookstore is used for something

A Rock Hill man was arrested after police found him on the roof of the Books-A-Million in Manchester Village, where he said he was just sunbathing.

Police charged Hale Hoeflick, 22, who lives on Village Green Lane, with trespassing and took him to the city jail, according to a police report.

Officers first responded to a call from the store around 7 p.m. that several juveniles were playing on the roof of the store, the report states.

When police went on the roof, they found a man who told them he was “trying to get a tan.”

‘I said she is a Cancer, not that she has it’

A woman charged with falsely claiming that her daughter had cancer will not spend time in jail and is ordered to pay about $2,000 in restitution in the next month.

Angela Ann Chapman, 36, of Whitmire, was arrested and charged with obtaining goods under false pretense on May 25. She appeared in court Wednesday representing herself and requested a trial by the judge.

Magistrate Ron Halfacre found Chapman guilty of breach of trust with fraudulent intent.

“There is overwhelming evidence that you are guilty of this crime,” said Halfacre to Chapman on pronouncing the verdict. “The community put their trust in you, and you breached that trust.”

He’ll have the bloody, Mary

Drinks at a Rock Hill Mexican restaurant turned bloody Thursday after a man allegedly starting breaking glasses.

A 25-year-old York man was arrested after police found him cleaning blood off the floor of the El Cancun restaurant on Cherry Road, a police report said.

The man was having drinks with his friends and became disorderly, breaking several glasses inside the restaurant. His hands were bleeding profusely and large amounts of blood were on the floor, his shorts, and rags he had placed over his wounds, the report said.

Police arrested the man for public disorderly intoxication. When EMS arrived, the man resisted medical care. He was transported to Piedmont Medical Center where he was treated and released for booking.

Phoning it in not an option for ailing mayor

Rock Hill Mayor Doug Echols said he is disappointed City Council would not let him participate in Monday night’s council meeting by phone.

Echols, who underwent heart surgery in late May, is recovering at home. But he still wanted to participate in the meeting, which included initial approval of the next fiscal year’s budget.

At the start of Monday’s meeting, members were asked to suspend a council policy requiring members to attend meetings. The vote was 3-3, which means the request was rejected.

“I am extremely disappointed that the vote occurred the way that it did,” Echols said. “I had made what I felt like was a legal and noncontroversial request. To vote against the opportunity to allow me to exercise my right to vote, I felt like was inconsiderate and inappropriate.”

After the vote, council members and city attorney Paul Dillingham went into executive session to talk more about the policy regarding attendance.

Meanwhile, Echols’ wife drove the mayor to the meeting. He was with other council members when they emerged from the 20-minute executive session.

“I was not going to be denied the opportunity to vote,” he said.

In the coming weeks, Echols said he will work with Dillingham to establish, in clear language, that any City Council member has the opportunity to vote during unusual circumstances.

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