More true news from South Carolina

Another look at actual local news from my hometown South Carolina newspaper.


A Gastonia man says a driver attacked him while he was riding a bike in Clover Wednesday.

The 51-year-old bicyclist was riding north about 7 p.m. when someone in a black Chevy drove by extremely close, according to a sheriff’s office report.

The man said he put his hands up to show dismay, which prompted the driver to slam on his brakes and get out.

The suspect began to yell and told the biker he was “tired of dealing with people like you,” and he had almost caused him to wreck, the report states. The suspect then kicked the man in the thigh and tried to punch him but missed. He then drove away.


Five men were arrested early Thursday morning and accused of riding their bikes through the Rock Hill Galleria mall.

Officers arrived at the mall just after midnight in response to an alarm triggered by an interior motion, according to a Rock Hill police report. A witness saw several people riding bikes inside the mall.

When officers arrived, several of the man were riding behind Sears and admitted to riding inside the mall, the report states.

The cyclists, who were between the ages of 18-22, were then arrested and charged with trespassing, according to the report.


Two men claim a neighbor shot at them Wednesday while they were digging for earthworms in McConnells.

The men — a 31-year-old and 19-year-old — said a neighbor fired three or four shots about 5 p.m. while they were at a Chester Highway address, according to a sheriff’s office report. No one was injured.

The 31-year-old said they went home after the incident and did not exchange any words with the neighbor, the report states, but he did ride by the edge of the property and show he had a gun.

The 19-year-old said he didn’t know the neighbor’s full name, according to the report.

A deputy drove by the house but no one was home.


Poor collard greens.

The lowly greens’ nomination to become a South Carolina icon is in peril after a panel of House lawmakers voted Wednesday to put a hold on a bill designating collards as the state’s official vegetable.

Amid frequent laughter, House members said they wanted more information before voting. For example, what other vegetables were considered for the honor? Are soybeans a vegetable? What about corn? Can vinegar be designated the state condiment?

Representatives also were displeased to learn that, according to the bill, South Carolina ranks only second nationally — not first — in collard green production.

State Rep. Tommy Stringer, R-Greenville, moved to stop debate until more information is gathered. That could prove fatal for the collard bill this legislative session.

Critics have asked whether legislators — facing a state budget deficit — don’t have better things to do with their time.

But, Stringer said, when an animal, plant or anything else is designated to represent the state, it appears in the legislative manual, on websites and other places, taking on a symbolic importance. “There is a real result.”

Stringer said he is concerned about the number of state designations that South Carolina already has — nearly four dozen, including a state butterfly (Eastern tiger swallowtail), state stone (blue granite) and state shell (lettered olive).


A Rock Hill student has been suspended indefinitely from elementary school after witnesses say he threatened to stab another student.

Officers spoke with an employee at Sunset Park Elementary School who said last week the 10-year-old told another student that if he didn’t give him his chicken nuggets he would stab him, according to a Rock Hill police report. Nothing more happened between the two.

The knife was recovered in the student’s book bag, the report states. He has since been suspended indefinitely and recommended for expulsion.

Neither student wishes to press charges against the student, the report states.


A Rock Hill man had to receive treatment at Piedmont Medical Center after his roommate beat him with a broom, police say.

The 21-year-old victim said his roommate struck him on the head, face, back and arms with the broom about 1 a.m. Saturday, according to a Rock Hill police report. Officers noted multiple contusions and swelling on the man’s arms and face.

He said he could not open his eyes because of the swelling and that he lost consciousness during the assault, the report states.

The man refused to let officers take pictures of his injuries and wouldn’t provide information about the roommate. He did not press charges, according to the report.


A Rock Hill woman was arrested early Monday and accused of stabbing her boyfriend in the pinky with a box cutter knife.

Jasmine Blake, 22, of Rock Hill has been charged with criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature, according to a Rock Hill police report.

Blake’s boyfriend, a 25-year-old Rock Hill man, was sitting on the porch of a Green Street address about 1 a.m. with his friends when Blake arrived, according to the report. They began to argue, and she pulled out a knife and swung it at him, according to the report.

She is accused of cutting his shirt before he ran into the home, according to the report.

Then, police say Blake cut through the screen on the storm door, and when the man stuck his left hand out to stop her, she stabbed him in the pinky finger. Blake then walked to her car, threw the box cutter on the ground and fled, the report states.

Officers found Blake at another Rock Hill address with blood on her face and foot, the report states. She was arrested and taken to Rock Hill City jail.


The grandmother of a 17-year-old South Carolinian charged with killing his mother on Mother’s Day says her grandson was a sweet boy but never seemed normal.

Fran McEachern told The Associated Press she last saw Joshua David McEachern last summer and that the teen has mental issues.

A judge on Monday denied bond for McEachern on a murder charge. Authorities say the teen shot his mother, 59-year-old Kathy McEachern, Sunday night at the family’s Greenville home.

Authorities say the teen called 911 to say he had shot his mother and brother, 21-year-old Daniel McEachern, with a handgun. Kathy McEachern was pronounced dead on the scene. Daniel McEachern was listed in critical condition in a hospital.

It was not clear if Joshua McEachern had an attorney.


One of the men who allegedly stole electronics from a Fort Mill gas station while dressed in drag turned himself in Friday, police said.

Christopher Long, 28, of Charlotte, who also goes by “Trina,” returned the flat-screen television he is accused of stealing, said Fort Mill police.

The second suspect, Dajuanta Alexander, 21, also of Charlotte, is still wanted. The two face charges of larceny and criminal conspiracy.

The charges stem from an April 18 incident in which the two men in drag entered Love’s Travel Plaza and stole a GPS unit and TV/DVD player.

An employee at the store told officers a man in a teal dress distracted him while the other man, wearing all black, put the GPS unit in a bag, according to the report. Then the man in black ran from the store with the TV/DVD player in his arms. The man in teal was right behind him, and the two drove away in a Kia Optima.

The employee was able to write down the tag number of the vehicle, which traced to a Lancaster address, according to the report.


A 25-year-old Rock Hill woman reported problems with a peeping Tom at her apartment Tuesday.

The woman said that just after midnight Tuesday she saw another neighbor crouched behind a bush in front of her Patriot Parkway apartment, peering into her window, according to a Rock Hill police report. When asked, the man said he was looking for his missing dog.

The woman, who has lived at the apartment for about a month, said another neighbor told her he has done this before, according to the report.

She also reported it to the manager, who agreed there have been problems with him in the past.

An arrest was not made.


A York man says a friend he had been partying with all night robbed him at gunpoint Saturday morning after the friend claimed he stole his drugs.

David Lee Ray, Jr., 26, of Clover has been arrested and charged with armed robbery and petty larceny, according to a sheriff’s office report.

The 28-year-old victim said Ray called him about 11:30 a.m. Saturday asking him to come to his house in Clover, according to the report. When he arrived, Ray accused him of stealing his crack/cocaine stash and demanded it back.

The victim told Ray he didn’t have it. According to the victim, Ray then pulled out a revolver, fired it into the air three times and took $380 out of the man’s wallet.

The man called the sheriff’s office for help. Ray fled, and deputies went on a brief chase but determined it too dangerous to pursue, according to the report. After the chase, Ray sent the man a text message asking if he’d called the cops on him.

Ray was later found by officers at his home. He told deputies he had been asleep all day, the report states. He denied anything had happened with the man.


Federal authorities have accused two North Carolina men of producing phony $5, $10 and $20 bills on a home printer and using them to buy fast food and video games.

Emmitt Steve Loges and Arthur Joseph Carr, both of Catawba County, were charged with making and passing counterfeit money, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office.

Their alleged scheme unraveled, investigators say, after the two men were taken into custody Jan. 5 by Conover police in connection with the theft of material from a Wal-Mart store in Conover. One of the suspects said the men had set up a money-printing operation at their mobile home in Conover.

Melissa Ragland, an agent with the U.S. Secret Service, said in court papers that the two men passed six phony $10 bills and six fake $20 bills at the Wal-Mart, in an effort to buy an Xbox 360 game deck. They were taken into custody for shoplifting, Ragland said, and that’s when police linked the counterfeit money to the pair.

Ragland says Carr told a Conover police investigator that he and Loges had made the fake money and used it at Wal-Mart, a McDonalds, and at gas stations. Loges did not cooperate with authorities, investigators say, and wouldn’t even give them his real name.

Carr also told investigators, Ragland says, that the two had used an HP printer/copier to manufacture money in denominations of $5, $10 and $20. He told police there was a pile of phony $20 bills sitting on the printer feeder, drying and waiting to be printed on the other side.

Agents searched the residence in Lyle Haven Mobile Home Park and say they found a real $20 bill on the printer screen — and 27 phony $20 bills on the printer feeder. Ragland says agents found counterfeit money — $2,480 worth, in all — scattered through the house.

According to federal authorities, the two men passed $480 worth of counterfeit money at a Statesville Wal-Mart, to buy an Xbox 360 game system and a 32-inch LCD TV. Investigators say the money they found in the pair’s mobile home had the same serial numbers as those passed at McDonalds and Hardees in Conover.

They say Loges and Carr also used counterfeit money to buy an Xbox 360 from a Toys R Us store in Hickory. The phony money also was used at a Hardees restaurant, authorities say.


A man was charged with disorderly conduct at a Rock Hill restaurant this weekend after he became irate over the bill and threatened to stab someone, police say.

The 50-year-old Rock Hill man was at White Horse Restaurant on Camden Avenue for a wedding party for his daughter Friday night, according to a police report. After the bill arrived, he was angry he had to pay for the alcohol because he thought the groom’s father was supposed to pay for all of the dinner, the report states.

Witnesses say he then got into an argument with several people in the wedding party and began to throw things, whipped out a knife and said he was going to stab someone, the report states.

When officers arrived, he was sitting in his truck in the parking lot and stepped out of the vehicle, where he was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, according to the report.


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  1. Paul Dixon Says:

    Something seems kinda hinky in the penultimate story. One cannot buy an X box 360 AND a 32″ LCD TV for 480.00, real or counterfeit.

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