Letters from those with all the answers

According to the folks who write letters to my small hometown newspaper, there are a number of definitive steps that can be taken to get this great nation back on the right track.

One, we can get rid of that socialist Muslim who’s pretending to be our president. Two, we can communicate in short, imperative, poorly punctuated sentences. Three, we can use lots of exclamation points.

But even better than these options, the American public can rise from their slumber and take in the scent of their favorite caffeinated brew. Waking up, and then smelling the coffee, seem to be just what we need at this point in our history.

Please enjoy the following excerpts of wisdom from the ultra-conservative masses of South Carolina who are not only already awake and finished with their coffee, but are ready to move on to the looming challenges of orange juice, scrambled eggs and an English muffin.


I believe our country is facing desperate times, and we cannot continue living beyond our means. Somehow, we have to force our political leaders to wake up and smell the coffee.


The recent events in Pakistan that ended with the killing of Osama bin Laden once again prove that America has the greatest fighting force in the world. The brave men and women who carried out this raid are to be commended!

It would not surprise me to see this president pursue charges against the Navy SEAL who fired the kill shot. After all, they did pursue charges against two other brave soldiers who bloodied another terrorist’s lip when he resisted efforts to take him into custody.

Let’s hope this doesn’t happen, but don’t be surprised by anything this administration does!


On April 6, The Herald ran an ad for the South Carolina State Museum (specifically for the “Animal Grossology” exhibit). I would have written this letter to you then, but I was totally speechless and have just now regained my composure enough to write.

I have taken The Herald for over 40 years and naturally there have been things throughout the years that I have taken exception to, but I believe this ad is absolutely the most tasteless thing you’ve ever printed.

I’m a nanny, and I have raised other people’s children for my entire adult life. I like to think that I am raising young gentlemen and little ladies, not rude, crude and socially unacceptable street urchins. I want you to know that animal bathroom humor is no more socially acceptable than human bathroom humor, and anyone who thought this image was amusing is a really sick human being.

Herald readers, please, if you have young children, go to the computer and find out what is being presented to them and called “education.” There is a woman who has written an entire series of children’s books about this “Grossology,” complete with recipes for concocting various disgusting simulations, like fake nasal mucous (of course, that’s not what she calls it ). Isn’t that just wonderfully educational?

I am trying to find out if the “Animal Grossology” exhibit at the SC state museum is being funded by tax dollars. If it is, I will have to regain my composure yet again before I can deal with that.


Two weeks ago, I treated my daughter to a trip to Las Vegas. Much of what we did — a Cirque du Soleil show, a ventriloquist, and VIP tickets to the “Donny and Marie” show — was beyond fabulous.


Sen. Lindsey Graham announces a million-dollar grant from Washington for the Lancaster County Airport. Is the money coming from a different Washington?

Will the governor be outraged if Washington, in an effort to save money and cut taxes as advocated by both senators and the governor, decides to close one of the Marine bases? Or is that again different Washington money?

We, in this state, need to wake up.


Your recent article presenting on the 150th anniversary of the start of the War Between the States was little more than a one-sided political statement against our Southern heritage.

The writer’s typical Northern attitude that all Southerners must be stupid was made plain by his choice of those persons he used to bolster his opinion.

He chose two black citizens and a liberal as his source of information. If he were a true, honest student of journalism, he would have chosen someone connected with the sons of Confederate veterans or some other pro-Southern individual in order to give balance to his article.

We Southerners have a very difficult time trying to understand why Northerners think as they do. This writer has come to the conclusion that something must be missing in their basic ability to comprehend important subjects.

My conclusion is that for hundreds of years with very little sunlight, they are deficient in vitamin D.


The Obama-controlled unions have decided to attack South Carolina. They intend to shut down our new Boeing assembly plant here in Charleston.

That would end 3,000 jobs and cut much-needed paychecks for South Carolina. If the unions succeed in their war against S.C., we all lose. We all must join together and fight Obama unions for the good of South Carolina.

We all complain about the current president. I, for one, will say Jimmy Carter is no longer the worst president in history. The current president has taken that role now.

Why not give a businessman a shot at getting our country back on track? Donald Trump and Herman Cain both are going to make a run for the White House. These men know how to run a business, and that is what this country needs.

Google Herman Cain. Watch him on YouTube. You will be impressed.

It is about time to give a true American the chance, not a politician.

God bless our red conservative state of South Carolina.


Last week, I took some visitors from Indiana around town to show how pretty Rock Hill was but was really sorry I did, as I could not believe the piles of trash in streets.

I can’t understand why people have pretty houses and yards but are allowed to throw their trash in the street any time they please.

I was out in San Diego about a year ago, and I did not see a single piece of trash on any street at any time. They use dumpsters.


I have recently discovered that “classes” on homosexuality are being taught in public schools in New York. I never cease to be amazed at what is being taught to children today to “enlighten” them.

Physicians and psychologists often differ with theologians as to whether homosexuality is a “natural” thing that occurs in some births. It is still open for debate, as many doctors and psychologists say it is a “choice.” Others may say that the child may “turn gay” as the result of a perverted childhood experience.

One might think that “alcoholism” is a “choice,” a “hereditary condition” or that the environment or genes lend themselves to alcoholism or drug abuse.

Some will raise their ire at me for even mentioning the issues of alcoholism/drug addiction with the subject of homosexuality. Along with promiscuity and adultery, all are addictions and can be treated as such if one understands their addiction.

While I do not wish to get into a discourse on the three major religions, I do want to make a point that Christianity offers a way out, which, in my estimation, should be taught along with the classes on “homosexuality.” However, since the advent of the ACLU and other anti-Christian groups, this choice will never be offered our school children. What a terrible, terrible shame!


I read in the The Herald that “Tea Party influence wanes.” Just a little reminder to those left-leaning progressives and news organizations that are doing a lot of talking and using a lot of newspaper ink trying to dupe the country into thinking the Tea Party is declining: They’re nuts.

This type of ploy by the liberal-leaning media is not new. Left-leaning thinkers hope if they keep repeating themselves day after day, it will come true. But the Tea Party folks are not stupid; we watch all the polls, not just the left-leaning polls.

President Barack Obama’s overall job approval keeps dropping like a brick. The country is broke, as are many states because of wasteful out-of-control spending, government entitlements and pensions.

Tea Party folks are educated, resilient and aware of their surroundings, and will not be fooled. Tea Party people are not “waners.” We are winners.


I wish to publicly applaud Sen. Jim DeMint for having the courage to speak out against the so-called stimulus bill.

All the other politicians who voted for the bill should be tried for a treasonous act against this nation and dealt with accordingly.


The York County Council’s unanimous vote for a countywide smoking ban violates the freedom of York County residents to make their own choices.

The members of the council allowed themselves to be intimidated by the anti-smoking pressure group, and allowed that pressure group to decide what’s best for the rest of us.

Sacrificing some constituents to the wishes of other constituents is something tyrants do. A free nation protects the rights of every constituent — not just some at the expense of others.

Hitler would feel right at home.


With our illustrious trio of President Barack Obama, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Harry Reid preparing to print and spend over $1 trillion, I had to stop and ask myself, just how much is 1 trillion?

If you laid 1 trillion dollar bills end to end, they would reach around the earth nearly 4,000 times.

Assuming the population of the U.S. is 306 million, the government could give $3,267 to every living person in the nation.

Using 1 trillion cubic yards of concrete, we could build a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico that would be 1,969 miles long, 10 feet thick and 50 feet tall.


I am a little confused about President Obama. I am a Christian and did not vote for him because my salvation is more important than risking it on voting for a political party that goes against the commandments in the Bible and Jesus. All the supporters of the president say he is a good Christian.

How can that be when one of the first things he does in office is sign a bill for financing international abortions? He is for all different kinds of social programs — Satan’s failed economic foundation — to enslave us to the government. I don’t know about other Christians, but my Jesus said he would supply all my needs, not the government. Christians, don’t be blinded by people who talk the talk but do not walk the walk.

Perhaps I’m stupid …

I have, in times out of ignorance, held to the belief that it’s the woman’s right of choice to decide life or death for the unborn. I was wrong; God was right. Thou shall not murder.

Where we are as a free-independent country is a place I call “enslaved liberalism” which gives way to abortion, homosexuality, legalized gambling, same-sex marriage and pornography.

We have allowed a host of liberal ministers to shove abortion down our throats, saying that abortion is the woman’s choice. Now we will have the new president who will eventually legislate same-sex marriage which leads me into: where are we going?


Front-page coverage of old white men apologizing to old black men! Now, the “Friendship 9” deserve an apology! Get over it! These were things that happened more than 30 years ago! Chalk it up as a lesson learned.

If these people deserve an apology, then I deserve one from Sally and her friends who belittled me and called me names in high school!

This is 2009! Practice what you preach: We are all equal!


The Republicans may be called hypocrites but we can’t be called baby-killers either!

Two-hundred million dollars for insurance for honey bees. Boy, that is a great stimulus. I guess that is the Democratic way.

All Americans, not just South Carolinians, should be alarmed at how easy it is for the Congress to obliterate the Constitution and the voters’ will.

Folks had better wake up, because once you start eating from the Washington trough, you will never be allowed to leave because it comes with chains, not strings.

What are the idiots in Washington thinking about?

The local and national news media will not bring any of this up, so nobody will know any of this. Thank God for conservative talk radio.

Did any of you know that during the Clinton years we sent $400 million overseas to pay for abortions?

Bush cut this out during his years and, out of the blue, Obama started this back up again. This is unacceptable. And then he gave his first major interview to a Muslim TV network. His true Muslim faith has come out. But the 57 million Americans who voted against the socialist knew this.

We are headed to a socialist country that is being put in place without the American people raising a cry!


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One Response to “Letters from those with all the answers”

  1. Paul Dixon Says:

    Honest to God, Davis-and I’ve wondered this on more than one occasion-how have you stood it up there all these years?

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