News from a day in the life of South Carolina

The following news stories were taken from today’s edition of The Herald, my hometown newspaper in Rock Hill, S.C.

Was the bleach intended as seasoning?

Raccoons are okay in the woods. But their meat should never be for sale in a store cooler, says the state department of health.

Earlier this month, acting on a tip, health inspectors found bags of chilled raccoon meat in a cooler at a Gadsden convenience store, and told the owner to get rid of it.

“This is not something we see even on a rare basis,” said a spokesman who in his 28 years with the agency could not recall a single time raccoon meat was found in a store cooler.

Raccoon meat is not properly certified by state and federal meat inspectors as being safe for humans to eat, he said. Raccoons are known carriers of the rabies virus.

The spokesman said when inspectors made a second visit to the store, the raccoon meat was still on the premises.

Inspectors told the store owner to put bleach on it and throw it in the trash.

A bad sign that the flag was still erect

A Clover woman found an unexpected package at her mailbox Monday.

The woman, 38, told officers someone taped a Polaroid of a naked man on her mailbox, according to a county sheriff’s report.

She said she noticed that the flag on her mailbox outside her residence was up around 7 p.m. Monday. When she got closer, she saw a picture of a naked man she didn’t know taped to the mailbox flag.

The man had a “69” tattoo on his right forearm.

Deputies took the picture as evidence.

Democrats fight for education, but with guns

Legislation weaving its way through the state House would increase the number of places that gun owners can carry their weapons to include daycare centers and churches.

“It puts criminals on the defense,” said Rep. Thad Viers (R-Horry), a co-sponsor of the bill and the owner of about 25 firearms. “They don’t know if you’re carrying or not.”

Unlike some other states, South Carolina Democrats back gun rights too.

“We believe in the Second Amendment, but still believe in fighting for public education,” said Rep. Bakari Sellers, D-Bamberg.

Sellers said he has never heard of an anti-gun organization in South Carolina.

“They wouldn’t have any members,” he said. “Everybody has a gun.”

In 2009, a new law was passed allowing people with concealed weapons to keep their guns in their cars while dropping their children off at school.

The world’s worst bucket list

From the weekly gardening column…

Several of you wrote to say you’ve belonged to the bucket fan club for years and even more reported they were bucket-less and had promptly gone out and bought one. Or more.

More is better. I’ve always got three or four filled with manure, compost, weeds, fertilizer — something.

Another reader, also commenting on a recent column, said she was happy I’d used the S-word as opposed to spelling “it” out. However, instead of the S-word, she prefers “no shoulders,” as suggested by a golfing buddy.

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