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Teen singing sensation Justin Bieber struck back yesterday against critics of his new hairstyle, calling them “cockroaches and greasy rats” that he will “seek out and kill house by house in a river of blood.”

Bieber’s signature locks were lopped off Monday afternoon in preparation for a music video he’s planning to film with the country band Rascal Flatts. In a photo released later in the day, a spikey-haired Justin appears next to band member Jay DeMarcus. The 16-year-old Grammy winner sports a dazed look that has led some to suggest he may have been drugged, hypnotized, or held against his will.

“I am vowing to die here as a martyr, fighting to my last drop of blood, to defend the new ‘do,” Bieber tweeted to his fans. “You men and women who love Bieber … get out of your homes and fill the streets. Leave your homes and attack them (haircut opponents) in their lairs.”

Bieber suggested that many who preferred his old shaggy look were “serving the devil.” He charged that opponents were “drugging the children with hallucinogens, making them drunk and sending them to hell.”

Celebratory gunfire by Bieber supporters rang out in towns across the U.S. after the singer’s tweet, while in protester-held enclaves near major cities, people threw shoes at TV screens showing his image, venting their contempt.


I join with the people of Egypt to celebrate their great political victory. The removal of a long-entrenched tyrant who restricted his people’s freedom while looting their treasury is to be heartily commended. Let us hope it sets the precedent for outbreaks of freedom across the entire Middle East.

I also have a somewhat selfish reason for being glad to see the last of the man who ruled that ancient land for over 30 years. President Hosni Mubarak was last reported seen at a luxurious resort on the Red Sea, but it was thought this was just a prelude to him being exiled abroad. He can’t disappear from the world stage soon enough for my tastes.

That’s primarily because the rhythm of his name always reminded me of the 1978 disco hit “Copacabana” by Barry Manilow. Say them one after the other. Hosni Mubarak. Copacabana. See what I mean?

Here’s the song that’s been ricocheting around in my head for the last two weeks now:

His name was Hosni, Hosni Mubarak
He made the Egyptians feel heartsick
For he was Hosni, Hosni Mubarak
Graft and oppression were always in session with Mubarak

Now, with the vicious autocrat finally removed from power, perhaps I can think of some other Manilow song.

Oh, no! Not that one!

Well you came and you gave without taking
But I sent you away
Oh Kadhafi
Well you kissed me and stopped me from shaking
And I need you today
Oh Kadhafi
I’m looking forward to the NBA All-Star game on TV tonight, but it’s been almost as much fun watching the lesser events surrounding the big weekend in Los Angeles.
Last night’s dunk contest featured a spectacular winning performance from Blake Griffin. Victories by James Jones in the three-point contest and by Stephen Curry in the skills competition weren’t quite as dramatic, yet still offered fans a chance to watch their heroes having a little fun.
I’m hoping that next year, we’ll see an expansion of these auxiliary events. I even have a few suggestions:
  • The 360-degree dunk is one of the most exciting moves in the sport. Taking it to the next level, a 720-degree move, seems physically impossible. But if you take the dunk out of the equation, I bet professional basketball players could rotate in mid-air along with the best ballerinas in the world. Let’s have a competition where they simply run to mid-court, jump, and twirl as much as possible before landing. The scoring would be based on the number of degrees completed. For extra entertainment value, make the players wear tutus.
  • Stage a game with a team made up entirely of child stars versus retired NBA veterans. Since Justin Bieber appointed himself so well in the celebrity game, there’s no reason to doubt that the likes of Dakota Fanning, Abigail Breslin, Jaden and Willow Smith and Angus T. Jones (the fat kid from “Two and a Half Men”) could make up a team competitive enough to take on Scottie Pippen, Charles Barkley, etc. To even up the competition a little, the young ones will be allowed to inflict blatant personal fouls on their much older, much taller opponents.
  • Pit the players whose last names begin with A through L against the players with names beginning with M through Z. Have the game officiated by employees from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Players names will be called when it is time for them to take a shot; otherwise, they need to wait patiently in their seats.
  • Have a game between the black all-stars and the white all-star. The white all-star will be able to choose four teammates from the audience.
  • Other possible ways to break up the teams: players under 6-2 versus players over 7 feet; players with tattoos versus players with headbands; and assist leaders who excel in passing against the “chuckers”. (Detail that’d need to be addressed in the latter format: the passing team might never score).
  • Stage a lay-up contest as a complement to the dunking contest. The ten tallest players would take turns making uncontested lay-ups, perhaps the simplest shot in basketball. As each player misses, he’d be eliminated until only the winner — who would be crowned sometime in late summer or early fall — is determined.
  • Set up two additional baskets at either side of the midcourt line so there’d be four goals total on the floor. Divide the all-stars into four teams by salary level. Use two basketballs instead of one, and enjoy the free-for-all that ensues.
  • Stage a game between players convicted of felons versus those convicted of misdemeanors. Overflow facilities could be set up out in the parking lot.
As spring-like temperatures spread through much of the country this weekend, watching The Weather Channel has become decidedly less fun.
A month ago at this time, TWC was my first choice for viewing whenever I sat down in front of the TV. Even if my own local weather wasn’t especially dramatic, I could watch the pitiful people who live farther north struggling with monstrous snow storms and assorted icing events. There’s little that’s more comfortable than snuggling into your heaviest blanket and watching others suffer through perhaps the worst winter in recent memory.
I’d like to see The Weather Channel take a cue from the folks at ESPN. That cable channel has branched out to a “family” of networks, offering ESPNU for college sports, ESPN-Classic which rebroadcasts especially memorable contests, and ESPN2 for people interested in games where the final score contained the number “2″. Why couldn’t The Weather Channel take on a similar expansion?
I would definitely watch a channel showing nothing but extreme weather, from snow and ice to tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and even volcanoes and asteroid strikes, if those latter two count as weather. Once every ten minutes, they’d have the “Local on the 8′s” insert, with forecasts for your area that include temperatures below zero, frozen locusts and thundersleet. You could even enjoy playing tricks on your friends and family, showing them the dire-but-fabricated forecasts and watching them turn as white as the melting snow.
Unfortunately, I’m not holding my breath for this premiere. Not if I expect it to come from people who don’t have enough sense to come in out of the rain.


How can we cover the weather if we’re not being pummeled by it?

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