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Please enjoy the following highlights from my new mini-blog,


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced yesterday he was decommissioning his landmark website following a meeting with pop songstress Katy Perry.

“I started Facebook to meet girls and, now that I’ve met Katy, my work here is done,” Zuckerberg said in making the announcement. “Anybody want to buy some used servers?’

Perry had stopped by the company’s headquarters to participate in a live chat and indulge in the office’s famous “Nacho Wednesday” menu at the Facebook cafe. While looking for the ladies’ room to scrub cheese sauce out of her hair, she stumbled into Zuckerberg’s office.

The “California Gurl” snapped the photo below posing with the world’s youngest billionaire and posted it to her Facebook profile.

“Ya know just hangin’ @ ‘the’ facebook with ‘the’ CEO. Baller style,” she wrote in the caption. “I like him!”

“Did she really say that? Did she really?” Zuckerberg asked a meeting of venture capitalists and other investors shortly after hearing the news. “You’re not pulling my leg, are you? Wow! She likes me.”

Zuckerberg said he was giving up on the digital frontier that his company had helped forge, and would now devote his life to stalking Perry.

“She smelled really good,” he added.

“Look whose head I’m pointing at,” Katy said.


Following news that there now exists a cordless heated “warming jacket,” a garment that can be charged for up to six hours of heat through sewn-in carbon fibers …

Jacket and charger

…comes news of the latest technology in modern comfort, the nuclear-powered snuggie (pictured below).

All the warmth of a reactor meltdown

Requiring only a bachelor’s degree in nuclear energy management to operate and six years of experience working in the core of a light-water reactor, the nuclear snuggie (not to be confused with the atomic wedgie) provides thousands of degrees of cozy comfort with only minimal doses of lethal radiation.

Next time you find yourself shivering through another icy winter day, consider installing a nuclear snuggie around you. Licensing reviews are going on now, so be sure to act fast to take advantage of this incredible offer.


Though (nominally) still alive, former Price is Right host Bob Barker may want to think twice before he considers any Mediterranean vacations.

ROME — The body of Mike Bongiorno, who was Italy’s top quiz show host for more than 50 years and a close friend of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, was stolen from his grave, officials said Tuesday.

Bongiorno, who died in September 2009 at the age of 85, was buried in Arona, near Milan. A pensioner who regularly visits the cemetery alerted police that the grave had been violated and emptied. Italian media said no ransom had been demanded so far.

Bongiorno, a fixture in Italian television since its first broadcast in the 1950s, helped Berlusconi launch commercial television in the 1970s.

It is not the first time that the body of a famous personality has been snatched in Italy.

In 2001, in a cemetery near the one where Bongiorno was buried, the corpse of investment banker Enrico Cuccia was stolen and a ransom demanded. The thieves were identified and arrested.


Chinese President Hu Jintao (left) met with President Obama (right) last week for an intense round of negotiations covering everything from international monetary policy to potential sanctions against Iran to the six-party talks now taking place to curb North Korean aggression. Hu spoke frankly about what he saw as America’s need to reduce its deficit and curb its military expansion, especially in the Middle East and South Asia. Obama was equally blunt, calling on the Chinese leader to respect civil and religious liberties in his country, and to create a more democratic economic model that would foster the rise of a middle class that could serve as a market for U.S. exports.
CORRECTION: Snooki and Kim Kardashian notice a cute guy.


The new-look American Idol kicked off its tenth season last week with two new judges sitting in front of the panoramic window that serves as their backdrop.

During tryouts for would-be singing stars from New Jersey and the greater tri-state area, a stunning variety of vessels — from small sailboats to ocean-going supertankers — floated by on the waterway behind Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson.

Despite the impressive display of watercraft chugging slowly downstream, ratings for the Fox mega-hit plunged an estimated 15% from last year, continuing a decline that’s been taking place for the last several seasons.

“I thought the show was as good as it’s ever been,” said Arthur Sachs, editor of Jane’s Ships. “You can’t beat the variety of boats that can be found plying up and down the Hudson River. My only complaint is that sometimes the judges, in their effort to be edgy and wacky and totally unpredictable, wiggled around too much and got in the way of some of the ships.”

Sachs predicted that once the new judges are comfortable, they’ll settle down and allow viewers a better look at what’s going on behind them

“Some critics say American Idol has already seen its best days, but I’m optimistic there’s more quality viewing still to be had,” Sachs said. “This week’s show, their first visit ever to Milwaukee, will give us a great opportunity to see some of the magnificent barges of the Great Lakes.”


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