Revisited: He’s Tom. He’s a cat.

This is my cat. His name is Tom. We already had two cats when we got him, so we didn’t put a lot of creative energy into naming him.

He lived outdoors for at least a year before we adopted him, and has the attitude and scars to prove it (there’s one — a scar, not an attitude — you might be able to see on his nose in the picture below). He’s fat and happy now that’s he’s living the indoor life. His hobbies include getting really mad at birds, and biting any human that attempts to pet him.

In this photo, he’s holding down one of his favorite positions on the kitchen window sill that looks out into our front yard. It’s a defensive posture from which we have trouble getting him down. He hunkers behind a ceramic cat mobile that he can tangle himself into should one of us stop by and feel the need to pick him up for some much-hated hugging.

They say that, unlike dogs, cats can’t show emotions via facial expressions. After viewing the contempt in his face that’s shown in this picture, I challenge anyone to agree with that contention.

He’s Tom. He’s such a kitty.

Tom says: "Just try picking me up from here. Just try."
Tom says: “Just try picking me up from here. Just try.”

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3 Responses to “Revisited: He’s Tom. He’s a cat.”

  1. Stentorphone Says:

    I certainly wouldn’t mess with him.

  2. SandySays1 Says:

    I agree with you, cats do show emotion. You ought to see the three cats faces that I live with when I steal their chow! Mr. B is no longer with us but he used to sit on my human’s shoulder while he wrote. The old boy swears that cat could percieve what he was writing about and emote.

  3. jedwardswright Says:

    Dear Mr. W,
    Mother Hen agrees. Of course, Tom’s face can show feelings! So can a chicken’s — you just have to know how to read them.
    (MH used to know a turkey named Tom once, but unfortunately he met with a bad end.)
    Farmer Brown’s house cats have all kinds of facial expressions!
    Let us see…there is disgust, betrayal, hunger, disgust, superiority, nonchalance, disgust…and, “Hmm, you smell an awful lot like a bird,” which is the most frightening expression of all!
    If it weren’t for their mutual hatred of dogs, chickens and cats would have nothing to do with one another. Oh, that and chicken wire — lots and lots of chicken wire!
    Expressively yours,
    Mother Hen

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