The readers speak!

Thanks to everyone who was kind enough to comment on yesterday’s post. Getting on the “Freshly Pressed” front page of WordPress is the best thing that’s happened to me this year, which should give you some indication about what a horrible year it’s been.

I think I deserve a day off to relish the honor. So I’m turning today’s edition over to you, the readers, with this collection of comments you’ve made in recent months, offered without any context whatsoever.

  • I am constantly on the lookout for new and interesting sports sites and posts… which is what led me here. I certainly plan on visiting again!
  • I actually do read the obits frequently…mostly a throw back from my nursing days and also probably due to my chronic health issues and the fact that I almost died a few years ago…it has piqued my interest in death
  • I can’t remember the last time I drank water for another purpose besides swallowing a pill
  • Interesting read. Thanks – from an antique phone enthusiast
  • Now I realize I’m peeing in a run-of-the-mill bleach scented men’s room
  • I hear that dentists are protesting the elimination of foil containers — as oral injuries associated with the packets were a reliable source of revenue
  • I thought I was the ONLY ONE IN THE UNIVERSE that hated the Van Allen Belt! Now I don’t feel so all alone
  • I’m a noisy sneezer: I can’t help it. If I tried to “suppress” a sneeze, my head would explode.
  • I don’t mind a nose picker when I work with kids, but the picker/eater makes me cringe a bit
  • Thankfully, I have an abnormally stretchy bladder
  • I was with you all the way through the word “stiff” which always has such a positive meaning but parted company when we got to “informative”. I would have substituted “obscurational”, which I know is a word because I Googled it
  • It’s always nice to have a number to phone
  • Why can’t all fruit be as easy to open as a banana? Now there’s a fruit with customer service instincts
  • You left out that he was so good they buried him twice
  • My “things” won’t be as creative as yours
  • When I feel I MUST have one…I just cut it into sections without peeling it..then peel the edible part out of the wedge…but even that can be a pain
  • And you are so right about jacks. And don’t get me started on mini spare tires
  • Any system of communication that references the Fonz and killer asteroids has GOT to be good
  • Loved the saw on the head dream….wonder what the analysts would think of that one? The feet on the wall is totally bizarre
  • We had a dummy we called Overboard Ollie. Whenever we did a man overboard drill someone would grab him, toss him over the side, and yell “man overboard”. When not being submerged in salt water he would find himself is some of the strangest places
  • Just choose one already. Whether it be Pokemon or Digimon a hobby is for the better
  • ‘Hogging’ is also a term meant to describe the driving of a train.
  • As a teen, I sang along to a lot of songs, though I couldn’t understand the lyrics
  • Also I’d like to correct a scientific misconception regarding dead frogs. [They] don’t bloat, at least if you poke holes in them
  • Um, but surely the acids and alkalis would all cancel each other out, leading to bland “neutral” judgements… you need to introduce a justice made of potassium to really get the sparks flying
  • I like “Blogging”
  • Amazingly… what you have said definitely made me happier!
  • Hi, I just found this blog/post by coincidence… I think anyway, at the very least I’m pretty sure I didn’t know what I was clicking
  • Last week I made an appointment for my annual mammogram
  • I cannot imagine any other system that could possibly explain the tremendous and tumultuous volume of words published on your blog.
  • If you can stick pieces of glass or Saran wrap onto your eyeball … Men are such wimps
  • In my opinion your article is very nice and very helpful
  • Blind Jack also took a number of film classes, usually off to the side of the auditorium with Ruth Stone describing to him whatever was appearing on screen. He might even have been a mass comm major
  • 5 minutes? How is that enough time to take a nap in the waiting room?
  • Perhaps it happening out of sight and therefore out of mind is the best thing about toilet flushes
  • My human had a similar experience with a ruptured tranny line. Thank goodness for small town farm boy mechanics who stay open ’til six on Saturday
  • I remember waking up in the middle of the night once in Spain, after having drunk far too much, I admit, and I thought there was an intruder in the front room. I went to investigate, armed with the first weapon to hand, my wife’s hairbrush!
  • I love tattoos and don’t for a second regret having any of them. I’m currently getting a koi tattoo sleeve done down my right arm — can’t wait to get it finished! My local tattoo artist is extremely experienced and also very expensive but, he’s worth it!
  • Hope you try our creamy concoction…I’m sure you’ll go GaGa
  • Yep…we have those stores too….you have to bag or box up your own purchases there
  • None of this rules out the possibility that I am subconsciously trying to get back at you for ALL THE TIMES you put your damn used underwear on top of my stereo so long ago
  • And speaking of dead raccoons, that reminds me that week before last, I found a freshly dead mouse in the house. I respectfully picked it up by the tail and respectfully threw it into the ferns beside the driveway.
  • I HATE THOSE THINGS! …fire ants that is… I rather enjoy apples
  • Your squirrels are too busy having sex with exotic Argentinian squirrels to whom they are not married.
  • I feel, number 1, that even the president himself could have found humor in the post…most self-assured people can laugh at themselves. Number 2, I believe I am allowed to think it was funny, and not disrespectful. And number 3…you are exactly right that cussing is not socially appropriate
  • The Hall and Oates reference caught me completely by surprise straight from left field
  • I have frequently found myself walking through the drive-through
  • Could you check out my blog? I really want to hear your opinion on my thoughts
  • I once read about a man who had cancer. He went to a cabin by himself
  • I went to school with an Elijah Oliver…his parents were way into the PTA
  • I want to wear those paper outfits I hear you get at hospitals.
  • Yesterday, the “L” word brought 28 visitors to the post that has it. It is the reason that post retains its #1 ranking despite being very old. I can tell you that “Guatemalan porn” was #2, but that topic is no longer popular.
  • Thinking about vampires and the difficulty of maintaining a relationship for as long as 24 hours gave me a headache
  • We arrived the other day to my husband’s mom’s property. He says to me, what’s that sitting in the middle of the property? As we walked closer we found a mother sheep and a little baby. We both just looked at each other. As we walked closer the sheep got up and ran off, along side traffic. I hope their fate ended well. Strange moment.

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2 Responses to “The readers speak!”

  1. The Dude Says:

    While there’s no context whatsoever…I still think there is a mystery to be solved…you should give Nicholas Cage a call to make sense of this particular blog of comments.

  2. fakename2 Says:

    Personally I think this post proves that context is way overrated. I hereby annoint my top 3 favorites (after disqualifying all those comments I recognize as my own, or might have been mine, or which I thought I said, or wish I’d said.)
    #3. The scientific misconception that dead frogs bloat.
    #2. The banana as an icon of customer service.
    #1. The loneliness of those who hate the Van Allen Belt. This is what it’s really all about…connecting with another person, if only briefly. Erasing the existential angst. You know. Stuff like that.

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