Already thinking of next year’s Christmas card

Merry Christmas to everyone!

(There’s an original start to a blog posting for today.)

That being said, I’m already starting to look forward and plan for next Christmas, and I need your help. Christmas Eve is usually my favorite part of Christmas, in part due to the air of expectation of what the next day will bring, but also because everything is still open for business and people are scurrying about in merry preparation.

I spent yesterday cleaning up my yard, then took a brisk walk to the grocery store, then headed up to the big regional mall to buy one last Christmas present for my son. It was simultaneously chaotic, reflective and cleansing, and may end up being my fondest memory of the 2009 holiday season (especially considering we have pouring rain forecast for the entire day today).

In the process of yesterday’s activities, I snapped a few photos with my cell phone, and it occurred to me how great it would be to capture yesterday’s mood for repackaging in next year’s Christmas cards. Personalized cards are easier to produce than ever. Usually, they show a happy family wearing their Christmas finery and gathered around their tree, or perhaps a new baby in the family, or maybe a cow. Mine is going to portray one of the following joyful scenes from yesterday.

Please review the pictures, read a little bit about the context, and send me a comment about which one you think might make the best cover for my 2010 Christmas card.

I started Christmas Eve day leaf-blowing the final remnants of fall out of my yard and onto the curbside. See how nice my lawn looks and what a neat pile of leaves I’ve left in the gutter? This scene of blessed order amidst the randomness of nature could make a great representation of why this time of year is so special to so many people.

This is me, walking to the grocery store. I may not look particularly jolly on the face of it but, trust me, I’m literally bursting with good cheer. I think the light and shadow are nicely captured, as is the discount bridal barn I’m passing across the street. I don’t think anybody’s going to mistake me for Santa, but this shot does show I have the chunky old man part down pretty good.

This is the inside of the Apple store in Charlotte’s SouthPark Mall around 3 p.m. Christmas Eve. Notice the red-shirted elves helping all the customers decide how best to dispose of their life savings. (We opted for the hard-to-find “Magic Mouse” which had just arrived in the last shipment before Christmas). I was also wearing a red shirt, and would’ve enjoyed being mistaken for an Apple employee. “Yes, this model is just what you need,” I could say. “It even has a calculator and a clock!”

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3 Responses to “Already thinking of next year’s Christmas card”

  1. tom1950 Says:

    I’d go with the ‘bah humbug’ look of the Apple store. With all those red-shirted elves, how could anyone else get in to buy anything?

    The ‘chunky old man’ picture resembles me too much and could be mistaken for almost anyone around here.

    As for the leaves; that picture could be used but only in black and white as a stark reminder that we all might end up swept into the gutter … no, wait, that’s my Uncle Fred’s fate.

    Have a Happy…


  2. Rocky Humbert Says:

    I vote for the leaves. So many possible interpretations, including “leaves me alone!”

  3. Ministry Fox Says:

    Yes, I’ll go for the leaves too and the ‘leaves me alone’ caption.
    An an aside, why do American’s such enormous yards? It looks like a lot of work to me. In Europe, we call large non-concrete spaces ‘parks’ and get the Council to look after them.

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