Real News: Site visits skyrocket in August

MY HOUSE (Sept. 1) — Celebrations erupted inside my head early this morning as WordPress stats revealed I had completed the tenth consecutive monthly increase in visits recorded. Today also marks the first anniversary of my original blog post on September 1, 2008.

“This is a great day in my personal blogging history,” I told myself in an interview at the kitchen counter. “I knew that if I could hang in there long enough, I’d be able to look back on a full year of steady improvement and almost-daily posts.”

August results reveal that site visits totaled 2,861, an impressive .81% increase over July numbers that came to only 2,838. This also represents a rise in the rate of increase, as July had only been .78% better than June’s total.

The improvement was less than certain into the final hours last night, as the August total was still three short of breaking the previous monthly record as of 9 p.m. But a late surge by people searching the web for “sqirrel with a blow tourch” and “sex phone cam white girl and mexican sil” drove traffic for a small pre-midnight rush.

“I was a little worried right before I went to bed,” I said. “I should’ve known that the late-night berserko and perv contingent would be enough to carry me over the top.”

Improving scores were also seen in sales of DavisW’s Blog columns on Amazon Kindle. The digital publishing platform, which now contains all posts going back to January 1 for the amazingly low price of $.99 per download, sold 12 items in August. Added to the five releases sold in July, the worldwide gross now exceeds $14.

“Look at me — I’m a professional writer. Woo hoo,” I told myself. “I’m expecting that direct deposit from Amazon (expected to be $5.95 after they remove their percentage) any day now.”

The next milestone on the horizon is the total visits count, which currently stands at 19,954. A new round of celebration is expected when that total passes 20,000 later this afternoon.


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8 Responses to “Real News: Site visits skyrocket in August”

  1. thirdcoast61 Says:

    Congrats on all the milestones today. Just knowing what I have to look forward to is measure enough to keep me plugging along. No, reaally, you have a wonderful blog and I have been passing your site around my friends so this months stats should be even better.

  2. tom1950 Says:

    I’ve been telling all my friend about it too. Sort of “keep sending that card and letter”.


  3. planetross Says:

    Congrats on the one year milestone/millstone!

  4. morethananelectrician Says:

    I wasn’t perving last night, so it wasn’t me but here’s another hit on your page….go 20,000!!!!!

  5. Skip Dekades Says:

    Many congrats!!

  6. fakename2 Says:

    Davis, I’m sure you’ve discovered that readership is directly related to how your blogs are tagged. For instance, say you do a blog on used parts for antique Maytag washing machines (you think I’m kidding, but there is actually a market for that). Make sure that one of the tags you use is “sex”. “Washing machine sex” might be even better. One of my recurring subjects is “Fakename’s Animal Planet”, where I spotlight some animal. A post I did on the Nutria has received top billing for me for weeks and weeks, but would have garnered thousands more views if I had added “nutria sex” as a tag.

  7. Phillip Donnelly Says:

    Tags are a dirty business, but David tags are clean. And besides it’s a mistake to equate readership with hits. Diverting someone to your site with a bogus tag will not make them read a blog entry. As the old adage goes, ‘you can bring a thousand pervs to a blog, but you cannot make them read it’. They are text-averse.
    Congratulations on the year of blogging and the impressive stats, not to mention the kindle millions. Any chance of an old-fashioned self-published dead tree version, for those who cannot kindle a kindle?

  8. fakename2 Says:

    Awww…Phillip, it was tongue-in-cheek.

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