Clearing out the photo files

I was going to follow up yesterday’s post about mortuaries with some leftover information on the subject of cremation. On further reflection, however, it seemed like that wouldn’t be such a great topic for a Saturday.

I still wanted to share this one photo that I found. It shows the crematorium worker whose job it is to operate the furnace. Notice how concerned he is about the quality of his work.

"Everything going okay in there?"

"Everything going okay in there?"

Another picture I found while researching corpse disposal methods used by Native American tribes of the far north. This shows the lamalor armor made from hardened leather, wood and bones worn in battle by Siberians and Eskimos. It looks more to me like an ancient attempt at flight, what with the wing structures on the back. See what you think.

Protection at the expense of mobility

Protection at the expense of mobility

Finally, here’s a picture of an escaped murderer, included for no apparent reason.

If this guy wants to clean your gutters, say "no"

If this guy wants to clean your gutters, say "no"


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4 Responses to “Clearing out the photo files”

  1. Anonymously Secret Says:

    I cracked up when I saw the last picture. That man is awfully familiar though. Awfully familiar…

    I wonder where I’ve seen him before. I wonder where…

  2. delicate flower Says:

    I’m glad that guy is being vigilant. Imagine finishing up the cremation process and pouring out the ashes to see little fingers and other items remaining.. Auntie Bea opens the box to take one last look at Uncle Earl before the internment and finds his big toes partially burned! Ugh…

  3. merrilymarylee Says:


  4. maryrestaino Says:

    Liked the photo of the guy operating the crematory oven. I always thought I wanted to get cremated when I die but now…

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