Truck driver robs armed teens — yeah, right

I have no intention of turning this blog into a low-brow “dumb-crook news” site, but incidents keep happening in and near my small Southern city that just can’t be ignored.

The latest crime took place frighteningly close to home, or at least close to a location that I frequent almost every day. I meet my car-pool partner weekday mornings at 4:30 a.m. in the parking lot of a large 24-hour grocery store on a main thoroughfare about two miles from my house. It’s well-lit and close enough to the street that we’ve never felt fearful during our brief transfer from one car to another.

Last Monday, however, at about that exact time, there were a couple of goofballs working in back of the store on their first steps toward the criminal high life.

A bread truck driver was making his delivery when he was approached by a young man asking for directions to a nearby neighborhood. After the brief conversation, he then decided to cover his face with a bandana and produce a shotgun. His accomplice appeared from behind a dumpster brandishing a knife and they demanded money from the driver.

The driver said he didn’t have any money, but threw his wallet at the men while escaping into the store to call police. They took about $300 and ran from the area.

When deputies arrived at the store and began investigating the crime, they received a call reporting that someone had been shot several blocks away. What they found at that scene was two young men standing next to a couple of sweatshirts and a gun identical to that seen with the suspects at the bread truck robbery. One of the men was shot in the knee.

What they then proceeded to tell police was that the shooting occurred while the bread truck delivery guy attempted to rob them. Somehow, the gun had ended up at their feet about a half-mile away from the robbery scene.

Police didn’t buy that loaf of whole-wheat nonsense, and arrested the two teenagers on charges of armed robbery and possession of a weapon during commission of a violent crime.

The stupidity didn’t end quite there. When the suspects were removed from the squad car at the local jail, one of them allowed $300 to fall out of his pocket and into the back seat of the police vehicle.


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