The latest on “Kim and Kate Plus Eight”

Controversy continued to swirl this week around one of TV’s top-rated reality shows. Following Sunday’s season premiere of TLC’s Kim and Kate Plus Eight Plus Rogue State, the show’s featured mom publicly took her husband to task for neglecting his family.

Kate Gosselin, the mother of television’s favorite sextuplets, said husband Kim Jong Il’s recent behavior fomenting instability on the Korean peninsula represent his attempts to “act out” in response to the pressures of family life.

“He knows he’s not living up to his responsibilities,” Kate told Christian Woman Today magazine. “We’re supposed to be in this together, acting for the good of our family, and all he seems interested in is rattling the nuclear saber.”

Kim has cemented his reputation as an international pariah in recent days with two mid-range missile firings as well as an underground nuclear test in North Korea. Neighboring countries throughout northeast Asia have expressed growing concern that the Communist leader could launch an unprovoked attack against South Korea or Japan.

“At this point in our relationship, I wouldn’t put it past him,” Kate said. “He has eight children here in Pennsylvania constantly asking ‘where’s daddy?’, and all I can say is that he’s more likely to be in the Situation Room than in the family room.”

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have warned Kim that his reckless actions will be met with the strongest response possible. Even his traditional allies, China and Russia, seem to view events of the past week with alarm.

“He needs to be back on the show with his heart fully engaged in the project as well as the welfare of his family,” said Soviet President Vladimir Putin. “We don’t need more tensions on the Asian mainland; we need wholesome entertainment that showcases a big, happy family. Did you see how that one kid lost his balloon in Sunday’s episode? That was heart-wrenching.”

For her part, Kate says she will go on with her travels around the country promoting the show as well as her book, and hopes that her husband “comes to his freakin’ senses.” She said the show will continue as planned into its fifth season, with next week’s episode featuring the construction of a uranium-enrichment plant in the back yard of the couple’s rural home.

“It’s really Kim’s idea,” Kate said. “He says we’ll save a ton of money on our utility bills, but I’m worried about the effects radiation leakage might have on the kids. We’re freaky enough already, you know?”

The couple’s current rough patch stems from tabloid reports that Kim was seen partying with a college-aged woman, and drinking at local bars with his friends. Kim was reportedly holed up in his parents’ home in Pyongyang and was unavailable for comment.

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2 Responses to “The latest on “Kim and Kate Plus Eight””

  1. Era Says:

    I don’t know how you thought to combine these two stories but the result is thoroughly entertaining. Kate is a total publicity machine and so is North Koreas fearless leader. What a pair!

  2. bschooled Says:


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