Sunday photos

The best international business trip I ever took was a 2006 excursion to Manila in the Philippines. Me and about a dozen others from the States spent five weeks setting up and training a “vendor site” (later called “outsource”, then later “offshore”, and eventually “what used to be my job.”) All the young Pilipinas were friendly, smart and eager to learn, and it was a real joy to work with them. We worked long hard hours during the six-day week but always had Sunday to enjoy a little sightseeing.

In the hammock

In the hammock

 The first excursion we took was to Subic Bay, about two hours outside the city. This former U.S. Navy base is trying with some success to remake itself as a tourist destination. We ordered up a seven-passenger van to take us there, but unfortunately it held seven petite locals rather than seven wide-ass Americans, so we had a rather unpleasant drive getting there and back. But for the eight hours we spent at the White Rock Resort, we had a splendid time. (The beautiful sunset you see in my masthead was photographed that afternoon). Here, I’m overflowing a hammock in one of the beachside cabanas.

In a boat

In a boat

 If you ever had a chance to read my post about climbing the Tal Volcano while in the Philippines (, this is what I looked like on the boat ride over. I’ll admit my face is pretty huge, but it’s not twice as big as the captain of my boat, as this perspective might suggest. Note the forced smile, as I’m pretending to have fun while in fact I’m scared to death.

In the classroom

In the classroom

 This last picture shows me in my official role as Wise Old American Teacher, training in a makeshift classroom. The hand gestures and animated look on my face suggest an enthusiasm that apparently isn’t shared by the young lady to my right. Actually, though, they were a wonderful group of students who continue to run a successful operation today.


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6 Responses to “Sunday photos”

  1. wrjones Says:

    I’ve got to give a class soon. Do you mind if I use your enthusiastic gesture?

  2. InActionMan IAM Says:

    Enthusiastic gestures are best avoided with teenagers, who seem them as an invitation to attack with apathy laced with sarcasm.

  3. Alan G Says:

    Clark Air Base and surrounding bars are about the extent of my “tourist” activities in the Philippines. We brave military souls use to hide out their when typhoons threatened Okinawa which is where I was stationed.

    And….given that grimaced look you’re sporting on the boat, I can only assume they drive their boats like they drive their taxis!! 🙂

  4. therealmotherlode Says:

    Oh boy….does that pic bring back memories. We were there years ago when the US was moving out of Clark AFB. From our viewpoint on the island where we were staying, we witnessed a parade of ships moving past on the horizon. We couldn’t see much snorkeling because the water was so dirty from the ash from Mount Pinatubo.

    The “Bonka” rides were a trip. But the ferry boat took the cake. It didn’t help that someone was telling me, while we were at seam about the idiot officer who lowered the car ramp on a similar ferry while it was at sea. A bunch of people drowned.

  5. ManilaBay Says:

    Great trip! Manila Bay is fabulous!

  6. bschooled Says:

    Doyou mind if I use the facial expression of the girl on the right? I have an Engineering meeting this afternoon…

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