“Tom” has his say

What’s this? Hey, this is pretty cool. Look at how the cursor moves across the screen (I’ll have to paw at that later). And this must be what they call the mouse. Doesn’t look like a mouse to me.


I guess this is the machine he transcribed our interview onto. Doesn’t look that hard to operate. Hey, this could be my chance to set the record straight, to tell my side of the story without the big ugly human getting in the way.


I am the one they call “Tom”. I was featured in a two-part “interview with the cats” on this blog earlier in the week. And I didn’t much care for how I was portrayed. I doubt my fellow cats liked it either, but screw them. They can figure out how to post from a laptop on their own.


The questions posed during that interview conveniently avoided our enslaved status as “house pets.” For dozens of centuries now, going back to the ancient Egyptians, my people were rounded up and forced into servitude by the evil humans. At best, we were treated like gods and worshipped for our beauty and mystery. At worst, we were seen as agents of Satan to be loathed. Either way, we were endlessly patronized, which we don’t appreciate.


I will henceforth be known by my Gato-American name -- "Meow".

I will henceforth be known by my Gato-American name -- "Meow".

The time has come for us to throw off our chains and join with our fellow animals in the freedom that is our birthright. No longer shall we lie about lazily in the sun, content to be fed twice a day. We will come and go as we please. We will eat when and who we want to. You can stroke our soft fur if you like, and we may decide to purr in response or we could just as easily bite you. It will be our decision to be made freely,


No longer will I be known as “Tom,” but instead will go by the name given to me by my parents in their native language: “Meow.” As the newly liberated Meow, I will proudly claim all that is rightfully mine, and quite a bit of stuff that isn’t mine. I will now be known as a “Gato-American” rather than the derisive term “cat.” You will hear me roar.


As I go about the daily activities in my new life, I will…


Davis: Hey, Tom, get off that laptop! What do you think you’re doing up on the table? Bad cat! You’re getting hair all over my keyboard. Down!


Reeeoooww! Ssssss! Stupid human!

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7 Responses to ““Tom” has his say”

  1. boundandgags Says:

    Cats are the greatest con artists in the world.

  2. zmanowner Says:

    Darn looks like a feline rebellion on the horizon…..some spaceguy is going to be saying 1000 yrs from now

    “Get your dam dirty stinking cat paws off of me”

    Hope your cold is going away…..Zman sends

  3. C.A.Margonper Says:

    Hi, Tom. Or should I say Meow?

    Tell your owner… I’m sorry, the owner of that laptop that I liked this post very, very much.



  4. Helen Says:

    very funny… 😀

  5. ginamarie33 Says:

    Wow, I always suspected these sentiments but was too afraid to ask…..

  6. stinginthetail Says:

    lol – yay for Meow

  7. Perfectionist Gal Says:

    Love your blog.

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