Today, a day to celebrate hate

One of the great things about living in the South is happening outside right now on this lovely February morning. There’s no snow or ice, as we’re still feeling the effects of a week-long warm spell, and some trees are even starting to show a few buds. There’s that rising-sap feeling that makes you look forward with hope and optimism to the future.

One of the awful things about living in the South was also happening outside this morning, in the editorial page of my local newspaper. Contained therein were some letters to the editor that are unfortunately typical of too many Southerners in these supposedly enlightened times.

So on this day after the holiday where we celebrate so much love, I thought it might be appropriate to look at (and laugh at) the ignorance of Southern hatred.


Dear Editor:

What are the idiots in Washington thinking about? A stimulus of $825 billion that is supposed to create jobs and help the economy? President Obama said just a month ago that no pork would be in any bill he sponsors. That was a lie. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants contraceptives given out as part of it to young women. How is this supposed to help?

The local and national news media will not bring any of this up, so nobody will know any of this. Thank God for conservative talk radio. I really don’t think The Herald will put this in because 99 percent of all newspapers are very liberal as well. Did any of you know that during the Clinton years we sent $400 million overseas to pay for abortions?

Bush cut this out during his years and, out of the blue, Obama started this back up again. During a time we are hurting here at home. This is unacceptable. And then he had his first major interview to a Muslim TV network. His true Muslim faith has come out. But the 57 million Americans who voted against the socialist knew this. The media never brought any of this up.

Obama did not need one vote from a Republican in the House to pass his package, but he continues to lobby them to sign on. He is doing this because he knows when this blows up in his face, the Democrats can say the Republicans were on board with it. Well, that is not going to work. This will be a Democratic package and will be on their shoulders.

We are headed to a socialist country that is being put in place without the American people raising a cry. Well, I, for one, will not sit and not voice my opinion.

Sincerely, A Lunatic

Dear Editor:

As Democrats control the House, the Senate and the presidency, it is indeed humorous to see [another letter-writer] calling for more cheese for his whine.

President Barack Obama’s Lincoln-inspired “Team of Rivals” is descending into a Grant-inspired “Team of Rascals.” At a cabinet meeting, we will see some who walk in, some who slither in and some who have to ooze through.

Perhaps this would be of more interest to our Democratic friends. We now have a liberal ecological group calling for a limit on children being born in America to two per family so as to not further damage the ecology. The Democratic Party is for abortion on demand and Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants the stimulus package to contain millions to buy condoms because the cost of public assistance is getting too high.


Connect the dots. And you thought only a Nazi could come up with this. The stimulus plan is nothing more than a pork pie. And the latest Gallup poll says over 50 percent of the people want a fork stuck in the pie because it’s done.


Yours, A Nutjob


Dear Editor:

In response to the recent letter calling Republicans hypocrites, I think the writer couldn’t recognize pork if he was standing in a pig farm. The Republicans may be called hypocrites but we can’t be called baby-killers either! Does he not think the wonderful stimulus plan coming from Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank is not full of pork? Not earmarks but pure pork!

Two-hundred million dollars for insurance for honey bees. How about $250 million for the movie industry. Boy, that is a great stimulus. (It’s just payback for campaign contributions.) As far as deregulation, Slick Willie started requiring banks to stop red-lining people for home loans. How can you require a bank to loan money to people who don’t have jobs! I guess that is the Democratic way.

Slick cut the military funding just like the new king of the USA is going to do. We don’t need a strong defense in this country because the new regime is going to use diplomacy. We’ll just talk the terrorists out of attacking us. If Congress will rush, rush, rush the proposed stimulus plan through without going over all the details, then all the garbage will slip through. Nancy Pelosi said it’s unpatriotic to vote against all their paybacks. But the Republicans are only doing their job. You don’t rush through important matters unless you have a lot of pork to hide!

Respectfully, An Idiot


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2 Responses to “Today, a day to celebrate hate”

  1. Thropplenoggin Says:


    A question for you to ponder: Hath thy lost thine way on the tricky road to Hilarityville?

    Yours, etc.


  2. opey124 Says:

    I guess it is possible to have our “pork” and eat it too!

    Gotta hate em, um love um. It’s only money ya know.
    Wait…our money…oh well….share and share alike!

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